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Unique artworks

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Contributing Artists

These contributions support critical environmental causes.

Artists Making a Difference

I’m glad my art is helping to protect our planet. Thank you”  Don Maitz

The galleries consist of copyrighted works from artists willing to forego remuneration to benefit environmental preservation. The donate-to-download model enables contributors to pay a donation and receive a digital version of a selected artwork.

Photo by Scott Jones  

Strengthening our commitment

Protecting Our Planet

We are Artists who use our talents to support environmental organizations by gifting our art to help protect the earth.

We make choices that strengthen our commitment with every artwork donated and every donation to download for personal enjoyment. 

Working with established environmental partners, we carefully select impactful organizations to fund. Our commitment is that we never share your information with other organizations.

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Explore our galleries of artworks and select desired works for donate-to-download. Add them to your cart as you would any online marketplace. Checkout and enjoy the art!

How Donations Are Used

Our partnering Non Profits use the donations to further their Environmental Protection work which includes:

  • Litigation
  • Educational Programs
  • Outreach
  • Legal Defense
  • Enacting Laws to protect our air, water & soil
  • Getting the truth out about the climate crisis and all environmental challenges

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