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News, Posts, Events & Articles of Interest!

Artist Showing: BVK

Event  Blog & Posts Stay up to date! Artist Showing! Our resident artist & founder, Brian Van Korn had an art showing at the Art Speaks Gallery...

The Runaway Bunny

News  Blog & Posts Stay up to date! A4E Artist on HBO The Runaway Bunny brings the illustrations of Clement Hurd and the poetry of Margaret Wise...

Welcome to A4E’s New Site!

New Site!  Blog & Posts Stay up to date! Artists 4 Earth Launch New Website! In July, Brian and Renard of Artist 4 Earth partnered with AJ Bisson...

Art of the Fantastic

A film by William H. Niemeyer

This powerful documentary shows the significance and influence of Fantasy Art. The film takes us from prehistoric cave paintings thru the renaissance to today’s masters of imaginative realism.

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